All black outfit – Rules for black looks

MOOD COLOR – BLACK🖤 or HOW TO WEAR #totalblack

Compiled a selection of simple tips that will make your look stylish and “bright”, despite the black color outfit.

Well, let’s go 😉🖤😁

✅ Combine textures! A simple but effective rule👌Skin, fur, velvet, lace, silk … everything will look harmoniously in one black look

Kit example: Silk skirt + an elongated knitted sweater + suede over the knee boots in tone – such an image will not leave anyone indifferent, despite #totalblacklook

✅ Experiment with length and styles! Here, asymmetry and a combination of oversize + “tight-fitting” will look great

Kit example: black ripped jeans + oversized sweater or loose jacket

Evening option: asymmetrical style of a dress or palazzo trousers + crop top.

✅ Accents in the image. It is important to emphasize a black monochrome with accents, for example: rough shoes or pearls like straps on a dress.

Accents make your eyes “stop” at you, take a closer look at the details and fall in love ♥ ️🖤

Emphasis can also be “naked” areas of the body: ankles, wrists, shoulders, neckline or back in evening dress

✅Add shades of black to the image – coal or marengo. This will add a “palette” to the image. Such combinations emphasize each other favorably.

Kit example: charcoal jeans + black t-shirt + black jacket.

✅Makeup! The lack of makeup and the image in the style of total black look can play a trick on you. Black color emphasizes all the irregularities of the skin and wrinkles, “serit” the skin, which gives the effect of a “tired face” and plus several years.

If you like #totalblack you will have to love makeup. Emphasis on the eyes or “red lips” will help not to get lost in black.

✅ IMPORTANT !!! If you are “a little over 40” and you like the style of total black fashion look … then try to keep the top of the kit with a V-neck or more trapezoidal – it “pushes” the black from the face line, thereby – you will look much younger

Total black – timeless monochrome. But nevertheless, it is important to know the measure and comply with the recommendations that I spoke about earlier, otherwise elegant black can become “bad taste” …

How do you feel about total black sets? Love or still prefer brighter colors?